Best Blue-Chip Stocks In India To Buy In 2023
Know Best Blue Chip Stocks India to buy in 2023 - 1). Reliance Industries, 2). Tata Consultancy Services, 3). Hindustan Unilever Ltd, 4). Infosys Ltd

Best Blue-Chip Stocks

What are Blue-Chip Stocks?

Blue-Chip are the stocks of those companies which have been in the business for years, well-reputed, are fundamentally strong companies and have been showing consistent performance for years now. The term blue-chip was coined by an employee of Dow Jones named Oliver Gingold, who named the stocks trading over $200 as blue-chip stocks. He took reference of blue chips from the Poker as they were the most precious chips in the game.  

Today, blue chip stocks aren’t only those stocks that are trading at a higher value but are those with huge market capitalization and are market leaders in their own industries. For Investors these Blue chip stocks are best stocks for long term investment.


Know Best Blue Chip Stocks India