What does your hairdo reveal about your personality?
The service business places a premium on a man's grooming, including his hair. Consider the male cashiers at your local stores.

What you're trying to convey may not be spoken but may be seen in your hair. It reflects your sense of self-worth and your profession, depending on the context.

There are workplaces where just one style of hair will do. Few guys with long hair work in offices, but there are always outliers.

Where you have your hair cut might also be interpreted via your choice of hairdo. Some barbershops specialize in more unconventional styles, and others have mastered the beach boy haircut. There are also facilities where all the CEOs and managers go to maintain their impeccable image.


Cute, short hairdos

The service business places a premium on a man's grooming, including his hair. Consider the male cashiers at your local stores.

An undercut is a great option for men working in an office, like a longer hairdo. Hair length is greater on top and shorter on the sides and back. Men with this hairdo are masters at finding common ground. A polished appearance that won't cause any issues in the office.

Men with hair slicked back frequently like being the center of attention and are adept at attracting it.

The executive look is a variation on the undercut in which the top layer of hair is chopped shorter. This will allow you to go longer without needing to see the barber. This style is perfect for those who aren't as concerned with their appearance or don't have the time to go to the barber shop Dubai regularly.

Males with long hair

Some guys do look good with long hair. Imagine Jason Momoa in this role. His long, unruly hair has become a trademark of his. In popular culture, a guy with long hair is seen as more of a rebel. Someone who values independence and the outdoors. Surfers and hikers tend to sport this haircut.

It's common to see male artists and guys who don't work in an office sporting this style. It's being thought about as "rebels."

Guys with a portion on the side

Men in any field might benefit from a side part since it is a clean and professional look. Men who take their responsibilities seriously tend to have this expression. This style is both stylish and professional. These fellas are looking for some respect.

This cut is excellent for using pomades. Thus it usually has a little more shine.

Shaved head

This is a straightforward expression. Athletes like the cut because it requires less maintenance and can be quickly cleaned in the shower. You should only make sure it becomes brief.


Getting a buzz cut is another good idea when you first see your hair thinning. If you have yet to find a way to stop this from occurring, it may disguise the problem.