Top 10 Charming Valentino Perfumes To Perk Up Your Look
Check out the best trending fragrances of this year.

Booting up for a party or going for a date with your crush… Perfumes have been the savior to perk up your look and grab eyeballs exotically.


We got you covered for the same. That's why We reviewed some of the best perfumes of Valentino, which are worth other attention for you.


Brief Introduction to Valentino 


Valentino, The name inspired by his founder's first name is a fashion group by Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani, aka Valentino Garavani in short who is an Italian Fashion Designer.


Valentino fashion group has been shipping its perfumes  all over the world, spreading his glance and & those perfumes have been manufactured by Gamble & Proctor & Puig.


Valentino perfumes is consistently putting efforts to oscillate their production and make perfumes as captivating for the one who wears them.


What does valentine perfume smells like?

Valentino is a popular perfume brand which is sold globally across all cultures. The perfume has always been known for its exceptional taste. But what does this signature fragrance smell like? Well, the smell of Valentino perfume will attract you to look at every scent way that you want.

This luxurious scent makes you feel like you've stepped into a Parisian salon, or a Hollywood movie scene. The fragrance contains all sorts of exotic aromas like vanilla, and jasmine, along with the sweet and powerful aroma of rose. It's a very clean scent, with a light hint of citrus. Many people enjoy this scent because it's easy to fall in love with. It doesn't have the hint of complexity of other more expensive fragrances, but it doesn't lack the sophistication and the soft scent of a high quality cologne.






Presented in a sleek elegant glass bottle, with the unique fragrance inspired from the experts perfumers Honorine Blanc & Amandine Clerc Marie, VOCE VIVA EAU DE PERFUME also depicts a great message for the women " My Voice, My Strength. "


The classic essence of ginger & mandarin makes it captivating enough with the top base of Mandarin Orange, Bergamot and Ginger; middle notes are Orange Blossom and Gardenia; base notes are Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Musk, Sandalwood and Oakmoss with a floral woody musk feeling.


Cool crystal moss accord and vanilla perfume which is like a cherry on the top to make it more addictive and best smelling cologne.


You can wear this pleasant fragrance whether day or night and it will always bring you amazing compliments.


Rating - 4.8 out of 5 on Amazon

Volume - 100ml. (Depends on which one you buy)

Price - $75 to $125 


Buying Guide  - Voce Viva Eau De Parfum is a sweet elegant perfume with a floral woody smell. It depicts a harmony of femininity in a finery style.


Valentino Donna Born In Roma Eau de Parfum



With a distinctive amber floral fragrance and three pleasant qualities of jasmine along with the expensive extract Vanilla Bourbon provides a deluxe womanhood feel.


This sweet smelling perfume blended with a classic culture of Rome streets.


This delicate perfume gives a woodsy feeling.

Valentino Donna Born is the perfect Cool Cologne to wear in summers, whether daytime or night time.


Rating - 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon

Volume - 100ml. (Depends on which one you buy)

Price - $75 to $135


Buying Guide - Valentino Donna Born is an amber floral woody classic scent perfume in a stud bottle, giving you a luxurious feel with the blend of black currant along with pink pepper and bergamot touch in the top notes along with jasmine and bourbon feel.

Valentino Uomo Noir Absolu Valentino



Sprinkled with wood oriented fragrance, Valentino Uomo Noir Absolu is one of the sexiest perfumes for men.


With crisp notes of sandalwood, pepper and cinnamon sweet fragrance in ebony studded glass bottle with gold accents.


Valentino Cologne exudes masculinity and romance in the most appealing way.



This exotic fragrance can be worn in cold weather as well as in summer nights.Read More