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The ability of a material to deform before the breakout is counted as ductility. To measure the draw ability of the material especially metal sheets many test methods can be used. But Cupping Test is one of the most reliable tests for an accurate result.

Cupping Testing Machine

If you are looking for the best testing instrument for testing the ductility of metals, then we suggest you go with PRESTO Cupping Testing Machine. This is one of the best testing instruments that will help you to measure the draw ability of material especially the metal sheets. This testing machine from Presto has been equipped with an advanced set of features that makes it unique and easy to conduct the Cupping Test. Presto is a leading cupping tester manufacturer and performs accurate and reliable testing of adhesion, hardness, and the porosity of coatings of paints or varnish in metal sheets. It is designed as per standards IS 10175 (Part I); 1993 & ISO 8490: 1986, ISO 1520:2006. You can easily test the cupping strength of metals with the help of this quality testing instrument.

To conduct the test using the cupping testing machine, you can easily prepare the sample. For this, you can take a piece of a sample of a test specimen which you need to test. Whenever you head towards conducting the test, then make sure that the testing sample you take should not have a thickness of more than 2 mm. Once you successfully prepare the specimen, then you can start operating the machine. Here we have mentioned some essential steps for machine working.

  • Insert the Zero plate in the sample holder slot and adjust the zero plate with the ball surface.
  • Adjust the dial gauge to zero (0) at this position.
  • Remove the Zero plate and fit it in your job sample in the slot provided.
  • Tighten the sample through the Front-wheel handle.
  • Now test the sample by rotating its side gear handle.
  • View the condition of the sheet manually from the front side.
  • Tighten the punching ball to the end position of the spindle bush.
  • Always keep a view at the dial gauge to check the correct stiffness of the sheet.
  • On failure of the sample, note the reading on the dial indicator/gauge.
  • Release the pressure by moving the bigger gear wheel in the anticlockwise direction and then release the smaller gear wheel.
  • Remove the sample from the sample holder slot.
  • Analyze the test specimen for any kind of cracks.

In this way, you can easily operate this testing machine and improve the quality of metals. This test is very easy to perform and tells about the important aspects of metals. If you find any difficulty regarding conducting the test or need any assistance then you can give us a call.

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