Basics of Precision Shooting Using Zombie Splatter Target
Visual Vital Zombie Splatter targets

If you are holding the gun for the very first time or are a beginner in a shooting range, then this good old military technique will come in handy.

BRASS-F — Breathe, Relax, Aim, Stop, Squeeze, Follow-through


  • Breathe: Have a deep breath and then focus on the gun-shooting target. Remember, just a slight movement caused by your breathing can affect the accuracy of your shot

  • Relax: Calm your mind, don't give in mind weaving

  • Aim: Align your sight with the Zombie splatter target for shooting

  • Stop: Focus on the grip, and stance, hold the rifle firmly and prevent unwanted movement

  • Squeeze the Trigger: Apply even pressure on the trigger without changing the sight alignment and take your shot

  • Follow Through: After the bullet fires, follow through to avoid jerking the gun before the bullet leaves the barrel. Have a solid stance, good grip, and sight alignment.


New Zombie Splatter Target

Zombie splatter targets are excellent for target shooting with slingshots, pellets, and BBs of all calibers. Thanks to the reactive zombie juice, you can observe your targets from a distance. No need to waste time walking to the target to look at the hit mark. You can also peel & stick cover patches on the targets.


Benefits of Zombie Splatter Target

Bright Color Bursts: Your shots are easy to identify, thanks to the reactive spatter!

More Shooting: Without a scope, you can readily see your hits rather than taking a walk to the target every time you shoot. Spend more time shooting and less time strolling

All Calibers: Excellent for slingshots, pellets, or bbs as well. It has peel-and-stick concealment patches.


Try them out right now!