Why is a Power Tiller the Farmers' Preferred Choice?
A power tiller is a two-wheeled equipment used in agriculture with a Rotavator for rapid picking up.

power tiller is a two-wheeled equipment used in agriculture with a Rotavator for rapid picking up. Since the 1980s, power tillers have been employed in Indian agriculture. Power tillers can handle both small and large farms, although they are especially recommended for farms with tiny land areas. In water-flooded fields, paddy-growing farmers with limited and marginal land employ power tillers efficiently for puddling operations.

Power tiller can be used for ploughing the soil, sowing seeds, planting seedlings, harvesting crops, threshing crops, and transporting crops with various attachments in addition to tilling the soil. Power tillers only till to the desired depth, smoothing and loosening the soil and making paddy transplantation in water-logged areas much easier.

Types of Power Tillers

Power tillers come in three sizes - small, medium, and large.

● Mini Power Tiller

These lightweight machines are ideal for vegetable and fruit farms with not-so-big cultivation areas, loose soil that doesn't require heavy tilling, and crops planted in tapered rows that must be steered through without damaging them. A few of them are mentioned here:

1. Greenleaf 3 HP Mini Power Tiller - With overhead controls and an ergonomic handle design, it breaks up the dirt and hard clay soil quickly to make it ready for planting.


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2. AgriPro Mini Power Tiller- It is the most efficient Power Weeder on the market. The Agripro Mini Power Tiller Price is the most affordable in the market without sacrificing quality. AgriPro Products are exclusively available on www.industrybuying.com.

3. Neptune NC-52-Top Garden Mini Power Tiller- It features two rotary tines that dig in large or small spaces to thoroughly turn the soil. This mini power tiller delivers heavy-duty performance, thanks to an innovative transmission system and a powerful 2-stroke petrol engine. A multipurpose machine that makes digging, rototilling and weeding quick, simple, and enjoyable.


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● Large-sized Power Tiller

These power tillers are best suited for larger farm grounds with plenty of room to maneuver the tiller as needed. The wheels move these tillers forward, and the spinning tines are positioned between the wheels. Here is a quick review at a few best large-sized power tillers on www.industrybuying.com.

1. Stihl 4 Stroke Power Tiller- The strong Stihl MH 710 tiller is perfect for rough ground and demanding tasks. Even enormous areas can be tilled efficiently because of a working width. Capacity aids in inter-cultivation operations, weeding, soil preparation, and cultivation because of its large working width and depth.


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2. Texas 306 cc 4 stroke Power Weeder/Tiller- This equipment is ideal for Power Weeding between rows of vegetables and crops that are spaced 16–30 inches apart to allow the body and wheels to freely move between them. It is the most common model for straight-row crops and plantations. The machine has high-speed rear rotors and performs admirably between rows. Furthermore, it will keep the rest of the plantation free of weeds.


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Farmers should think about the size of their field, the type of soil, the amount of tilling required, the storage space available for the power tiller, and how much power tiller price they can afford.

The Advantages of Using a Power Tiller for Indian Farmers

For Indian farmers with small and medium-sized landholdings, power tillers are expected to be more useful than tractors for the following reasons:

  1. Power tillers are less expensive than tractors, and the Indian government helps farmers buy them with incentives.

  2. Power tillers take much less storage space.

  3. Compared to tractors, power tillers use less fuel.

  4. In comparison to tractors, power tillers offer lower maintenance expenses.

  5. Power tillers are easier to maneuver than tractors, which is a critical issue for small farms and those with mountainous terrain.

  6. Power tillers come in handy in areas where there is a severe labour shortage. They're also useful in areas where there is labour shortage as the labour may be used for other, less taxing occupations.

  7. Power tillers work well on a variety of terrains, including flat areas, hilly terraces, water-submerged fields, and dry fields.

  8. Power tillers are great for small areas with plants planted in narrow rows since they can be readily maneuvered between them without harming or destroying the plants.


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