Simple Steps for Preparing Veeam Certified Engineer Exam
Get complete detail on VMCE exam guide to crack Veeam Availability Suite v11.

Simple Steps for Preparing Veeam Certified Engineer Exam

Veeam offers certifications in automation and cloud management, network virtualization and data center, and desktop and mobility. This study guide will help you get started with Veeam's certs and develop your career path.

Drawing on insights and experiences gained as Veeam Certified Professional, I would like to share with you here a brief guide I put together which I hope will help you find all the relevant information you need to prepare for an exam successfully.

Before you take your Veeam Certified Engineer certification exam, work through the following steps that will get you prepared and more likely to pass:

Learn and Explore Everything about the Veeam Certified Engineer Certification

Exam Details that one should be aware of for VMCE:

       Exam Name: Veeam Certified Engineer (VMCE)

       Duration of the exam: 75 minutes

       No. of Questions: 50

       Passing score: 70%

       Topics of the subjects: Click Here.

Practice with Sample Questions

Under the Certification Specifics in each exam, Veeam Education gives a list of sample questions that can help you study. These questions appeared on past tests and gave a good indication of the subjects and varieties of questions you can find on the current exam. In addition to this, site provides best sets of sample questions with answers and explanations for various Veeam certifications. At you can find out both free and premium preparation material.

Essential things need to consider for preparing Veeam VMCE exam

       Prepare each topic by analyzing and weighing with other topics and with real-time functionality.

       The questions may test your significant knowledge on Veeam VMCE

       You are not advised to memorize the things, but, try to read to understand the concepts. Because, in certification, Veeam is examining to test your conceptual knowledge, but not your memory.

       To get a better grip on the topics, you need to perform the exercises for all the topics with system.

       Go through the syllabus of the VMCE exam. Prepare a study plan based on the time duration that you have till the actual exam date.

       Subscribe for premium practice tests forVMCE. These tests have questions close to the actual exams and an ambiance that makes you feel that you are giving the real exam.

       AttemptingVMCE practice tests time and again helps you score better than every previous attempt.

       Every attempt at VMCE practice test is learning for you. Try to score better every time. This will lead you to your desired target in Veeam Certified Engineer.

       Our practice tests are the online VMCE simulator. These tests are far better than holding VMCE dumps of the VCE software available online.

Resources Available for Veeam Cloud Data Management Certification Preparation

There are several resources available online and offline to prepare for Veeam Certified Engineer VMCE certification examination. The ones that help you prepare better for the exam are:


The candidates for Veeam Cloud Data Management certification can opt for self-study resource. The site has VMCE questions and online practice exams that are very close to the actual test. The practice tests on the site are simulated. Giving these tests helps a candidate prepare for the real exams in an organized manner.


Books are still the most loved resource for studying for an exam. You can get a hold of good books for preparation of VMCE certification exam.

Practical Programming

Veeam Availability Suite v11 Certification exam is practical oriented, and the theory questions are limited. To answer such questions quickly and correctly, functional programming helps a lot.


The topics in the Veeam exam often correspond to the training courses that a candidate takes. Candidates can either opt for instructor-led training or even virtual delivery online training.

       Recommended Training:

     Veeam Availability Suite v11: Configuration and Management (VASCM)

     Instructor-led training

     Veeam University

Reasons to Choose to crack VMCE exam

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The day before you go for examination:

       Go to bed early.

       Do not read too much the whole night; it may not help. Moreover, you may be sleepy in the examination.

       Go for Exam after a good breakfast or lunch.

       Before coming to the exam, you must have enquired the pattern of the examination.

Things to remember at the time of exam:

       Relax before attempting questions and don’t hurry to answer

       Ensure you have completed all the formalities, like filling the form containing the name, contact details, address, etc.

       Please read carefully all the information before starting the actual test.

       Try to attempt the easy questions first; then this will give you confidence and keep you in a better frame of mind.

       Give at least the last ten minutes for relook at all questions – At this point, you do not have the time to read the question, only look at the question with your eyes and ensure that you have answered all questions. So, go through in this fashion for all the questions.

       You can mark the question for later review which you want more analysis

       Use elimination technique. First, try to identify wrong options and identify correct answer

       Even if you pass or fail, do not much worry about it, calm / relax and come out of the examination hall.

For more details on Certification:

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At the End


Hopefully, I believe that I have covered most important points and will be useful for Veeam Certification aspirants. these easy steps for Veeam VMCE examination preparation can help you in getting ready for VMCE exams. Go crack your Exam!