Play-Based Learning- A Gentler Way for Your Blossoming Kid
Playful learning approaches are nothing but educating the heart. They rightly say, "educating the mind without educating the heart is no education! Hence, your child's education should begin with a play school in Rohini that introduces playful methods.

Play-based learning is one of the most successful learning methods for children, focusing on playful methods for promising cognitive development. It includes activities like an abacus, art projects, story time, sensory play, etc.


As a parent, you might be getting over-particular about the foundation of your child's career. Moreover, it is fair to overthink, over-analyze, and try to settle on that one perfect school.


Hence, we have covered all the factors that come into play while deciding on your child's playschool. By the end of the blog, you will learn how a perfect play school builds the foundation of your child's learning process and how to settle on that one perfect play school.

Your Kid’s Play School Is Going to Have A Lasting Impact!

It is very genuine for parents to look for the best of everything for their children. Playschool is no different. An ideal play school in Rohini is the alma mater that shapes your child's learning and understanding abilities. The following pointers throw light on the advantages of a proper play school for your child-


  • The playful learning methods allow children to develop problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision-making skills. It also helps them develop their language and communication skills.
  • The approach encourages children to interact with others, develop relationships, and learn social skills. It also helps them develop emotional stability and self-control.
  • It allows children to explore their creativity, imagination, and curiosity. Hence, it encourages your kids to experiment, create, and express themselves freely.
  • Play-based learning promotes physical development as children engage in activities that require movement, coordination, and balance.
  • Play-based learning is fun and engaging and motivates children to learn. It builds a happy and positive attitude in your child towards learning and school.

Ideal Play School Calling

Have you been shortlisting the top 10 school in Rohini Delhi for your kid's learning journey? Here are a few things you must consider while choosing your kid's play school.


  • Look for a play school that uses intuitive and playful learning methods for kids.
  • Choose a preschool near your home or workplace so that it is easier for you to drop off and pick up your kid.
  • Consider the preschool size and the class ratio for better individual attention and interaction between the teacher and the students.
  • Ensure the preschool is safe and clean, with appropriate safety measures and hygiene practices in place.
  • Look for a preschool that informs you about your child's progress and connects you with the school community.

The Way Forward!

So, the next time you shortlist the top 10 school in Rohini Delhi, always remember what impact that one school can have on your child's career. It is only when you choose the best environment for your child's foundational years your child can get to enjoy a holistic and much easier way of education.