Parousia Second Coming of Jesus Christ
Our valuable Jesus is appealing and is brimming with love, leniency, and empathy.


"The agreement of polish was first made with man in Eden when after the Fall there was given an eminent promise that the seed of the woman should bruise the serpent's head. To all men, this arrangement offered pardon and the assisting style of God is love for future acquiescence through faith in Christ. It also promised them everlasting life on the state of commitment to God's guidelines. Thus God's People Delivered.

This same vow of faith in Christ was re-energized to Abraham in the promise, "In thy seed shall all of the nations of the earth be blessed.

" Genesis 22:18. This promise featured Christ. So Abraham understood it (see Galatians 3:8, 16), and he trusted in Christ for the forgiveness of sins. It was this faith that works counted unto him for righteousness. The agreement with Abraham also stayed aware of the force of God's guidelines. The Lord seemed unto Abraham, and said, "I'm the Almighty God; stroll before Me, and be thou awesome."

Genesis 17:1.

 The testimony of God concerning His faithful servant was, "Abraham submitted to My voice, and kept My charge, My commandments, My statutes, and My laws."

Genesis 26:5.

Moreover, the Lord broadcasted to him, "I will establish My promise among Me and you and thy seed after you in their generations, for an everlasting agreement, to be a God unto you and to thy seed after you." Genesis 17:7.