Jesus The Grandness Of Paradise
It is for those searching for an immortal destiny with Jesus. Enter and discover regardless of abundant counsel running against the norm, the boundless significance of God's love for you, His restitution, and the signs of His Subsequent Coming.

The ten charges on the two tables of stone were in the ark, under the kindness seat, showing that the law of God is the premise of His privileged position and government. "The Master rules; Let the earth celebrate let the huge number of isles be happy thereat. Mists and dimness are circuitous Him; honesty and judgment are the underpinnings of His high position." "Equity and judgment are the groundwork of Thy high position; leniency and truth go before Thy face." Songs 97:1,2; 89:14

Since the sanctuary and all that it contained was to be made precisely like the example given to Moses, and they were "the examples of things in the sky," it essentially follows that the ten decrees on the tables of stone were precise duplicates of the law which is the groundwork of God's actual high position in paradise.


This empowers us to see all the more plainly how "it is that it is simpler for paradise and earth to pass than one bit of the law to fizzle." Luke 16:17. However long God's privileged position stands, God's regulation as spoken from Sinai will stay unaltered. We need faith, faith that works.

As you have an open door, read it; fix the texts in your memory. Indeed, even while you are strolling the roads you might peruse an entry and ponder upon it, hence fixing it in the psyche. We have to know that Christ Our Righteousness.