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It is for those seeking an eternal destiny with Jesus. Enter and discover at your own risk, the infinite depth of God’s love for you, His atonement, and the signs of His Second Coming. Our precious Jesus is attractive and is full of love, mercy, and compassion.

God's Covenant with His People is Not a Real Estate Contract

God's pledge with His people is one-sided. God is love to man. It is 100 percent of effortlessness. Man doesn't have anything of significant worth to bring. It's anything but a transaction. It is an unjustifiable blessing. It's anything but a land contract, where we accept that because of acceptable conduct we procure and are qualified for a free house in paradise. God's contract with His people is the unconditional endowment of God. We haven't arrived on earth taken part in negotiations with God in a land transaction for a spot in paradise.

God's work is similar constantly, despite the fact that there are various levels of improvement and various signs of His power, to meet the needs of men of various ages. Starting with the principal gospel commitment, and coming down through the male-centric and Jewish ages, and even to right now, there has been a progressive unfurling of the motivations behind God in the arrangement of recovery. The Savior encapsulated in the customs and services of the Jewish regulation is exactly the same that is uncovered in the gospel. The mists that encompassed His heavenly structure have moved back; the fogs and shades have vanished; and Jesus, the world's Redeemer, stands uncovered. He who announced the law from Sinai, and conveyed to Moses the statutes of the customs regulation, is very that spoke the Sermon on the Mount in Parousia Second Coming of Jesus Christ. The incredible standards of affection to God, which He set out as the groundwork of the law and the prophets, are just an emphasis of what He had spoken through Moses to the Hebrew public. It is all God my companion. 100 percent. Straightforward as can be. We should quit attempting to have our own specific manner and screwing up. Much thanks to you, Jesus! Acclaim God from Whom all favors stream!