Why Invest in Blue World City General Block
General Block is all about the satisfaction of investors.

It is possible to invest in Blue World City Islamabad General Block is now an investment opportunity of dreams for investors. This is due to the incredibly low costs and growth based on international steps in terms of standards.

This blog contains all the compelling reasons to invest in this attractive Block. Here are some reasons why you should consider investing in the General Block.

1.      Low-Cost and Luxurious:

Compared to other Blocks, the most important feature that makes General Block General Block has to be its cost and the amazing facilities offered in The Blue World City.

2.      Easy Installment Plan:

The society offers a four-year simple installment plan to investors with a low financial situation. It includes monthly installments of 40 months and eight half-yearly installments.

3.      Modern Facilities:

The Block is furnished with all the modern amenities required for modern life. The luxurious living space is unrivaled in Pakistan at affordable prices. Facilities like carpeted roads, clean drinking water, 24/7 electricity and street lights, community clubs, sidewalks, load-shedding-free zones, and a 24/7 security system guarantee security.

4.      Peaceful Ambiance:

The area of the entire community, in particular General Block, is arranged so that it provides a serene and tranquil environment to residents. Its lush and green landscape, clean system, and overall arrangement of General Block present an ambiance perfect for enjoying a serene yet lavish life.

5.      Commercial Opportunities:

The developers have made sure to meet all residents' essential and luxury economic or commercial requirements. To meet this, the Block offers five and 10 Marla commercial parcels. In addition, commercial plots that are available are also priced at a reasonable price.

6.      High Yield Return on Investment:

Suppose you decide to invest in a residential and commercial one. In that case, your investment returns are guaranteed to be multi-fold—the solid bonds of mutual trust between the developer and investor back this.

Pros and Cons:

The benefits and drawbacks of this type of society are:


·         24/7 Water

·         24/7 Electricity

·         24/7 Gas

·         Schools

·         Colleges

·         Cinema

·         Lush Green Parks

·         Places to shop

·         Peaceful environment

·         Secure and gated Block

·         The Block is joined with the other Blocks by wide, carpeted roads and the main boulevard.

·         Carpeted roads with wide-planted carpeted lanes, roads, and walking paths for pedestrians

·         Planned drainage and waste disposal systems

·         Green, smart, and the sustainable housing society



·         Perceptions of high prices

How to Book a Plot in General Block of Blue World City Islamabad?

To reserve your plot within The General Block in Blue World City, you should contact Sky Marketing, Sky Marketing, the exclusive sales agent for Blue World City Islamabad, and the best real estate firm in Islamabad. You can also go to the site's office in BWC at Chakri Road, next to M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway.

Certain documents are required to reserve a plot in General Block as like:


  • Copy of Applicant's NICOP Card
  • The ID card copy of the applicant's next of kin
  • The applicant's Passport size image
  • Complete the form for General Block
  • it must make the booking amount in the form of a cheque, cash, or a bank draft