Delivering Quality IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) & E-waste Management Services Since 2010
Leading companies trust us for ITAD, Data Sanitization, and E-Waste Recycling services.

Spas Computers Pvt Ltd. is the trusted most company for organizations that understand how important it is to securely and environmentally safe dispose of IT assets at the end of their lifecycle.

As a leader in IT asset refurbish, reuse, redeployment and recycling, we offer IT asset disposition (ITAD) and e-waste recycling solutions for businesses. It is our duty ensure environmental safety and sustainability while recycling e-waste and IT asset disposition to you, the community and our environment for green earth and greener future.

Welcome to Spas Computers Private Limited

Our company has been the industry leader in IT asset disposal and e-waste recycling solutions for local and govt. organisations. We have served India for over 13 years, delivering solutions that offer extraordinary benefits to our customers by managing their IT and electronic assets in a safe, sustainable, and ethical way to reduce regulatory risks and maximize the resale value of reusable IT assets. 

13 Years of Experience in ITAD & E-waste Recycling

We provide comprehensive solutions and services for IT assets throughout their lifecycle from deployment to decommissioning to disposition all the way through to recycling, reusing, refurbishing and value recovery at end-of-life. We achieve these goals by maintaining sustainable best practice operations powered entirely with a zero landfill policy for all items that can be recycled. We make your IT asset journey safe, secure and environmentally friendly

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