Hackers hit Iran's state television.
Iran State TV hack 2022

Hackers hit Iran's state television.

The broadcast was suddenly interrupted and another video started. It conjures up the image of a mask with thick eyebrows and a thick beard. Soon after, a picture of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei surfaced. It can be seen that Khamenei is on fire. Hackers refer to it as 'Adalat Ali' or 'Ali's trial'.


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Then another picture surfaced showing the head of Iran's supreme leader being targeted. Apart from this, pictures of young Mahsa Amini, who was recently killed in police custody, and three other women who were killed during protests against her death are also seen. One image caption reads, 'Join us and wake up. In another it is written, 'The blood of young people like us is dripping on your paws. '


Protests have continued for nearly a month in Iran over the death of Kurdish teenager Mahsa Amini in police custody. Thousands of women have come down the streets. Human rights organizations have said that 150 people have died in this protest so far.


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