Here is how to play Wordle's new football-themed game.
Wordle copies keep coming out. Something about the game "five letters, six guesses" speaks to a dark part of our brains. We can't help but keep coming back for more of that exciting detective work thrill.

We've already seen a version of the five-letter guessing game where the difficulty goes up a lot and another where the hidden words are replaced by short melodies. A new spin-off goes in a different direction, away from the language and toward European soccer players.


Who is that? uses Wordle's basic formula. You have several chances to guess the right football player by looking at color-coded clues. In a twist, you won't be comparing how each footballer's name is spelled. Instead, you'll be comparing five things about each player: their club, their nationality, their position on the field, their age, and the team they play for.


You can make a guess by picking a player. The game will automatically fill in the player's name, so you don't have to remember it. Any attributes that match the player you chose will be highlighted in green, while the ones that don't match will stay grey. That means that if you land on a few correct attributes, you can narrow down the right player.


All of the current players from the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, and The Bundesliga are in the game, which is a pretty big group. You can't just name any football player that comes to mind and get away with it.


You get eight guesses instead of the usual five, and there is a blurry picture of the target footballer to help you out. With each guess, the picture gets clearer, making it easier to narrow down your choices. But don't count on it. The colors of each picture have been changed so that you can't tell who is who by looking at their uniform.


Who Are Ya? can be played. free on the web (opens in new tab). Any device that can run a browser should be able to use it.


Like all good Wordle clones, it will also keep track of your winning streak, so you can show off how much you know about European football.