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Meerut is an ancient city of Uttar Pradesh situated at a distance of about 74 km from Delhi. It is also an important industrial city of the state which manufactures sports goods and instruments on a large scale. Its relation is told from the mythological period, it is believed that the remains of the Hastinapur site mentioned in Mahabharata were found here. It is said that to burn the Pandavas, Duryodhana built a lakshgriha nearby. Apart from this, it is said that during the Ashoka period, this city was also influenced by Buddhism. India's biggest movement against the British was started from Meerut (10 May 1857). Know how special this historical city is for you in terms of tourism. Know about the famous places here.

Meerut Tours, Attraction Places

Ashtapad Temple

Naivete ki jhal

Bhai Dharam Singh Ji Gurdwara

Hastinapur Sanctuary

Gandhi Bagh (Company Bagh)

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