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The city of Lucknow is very ancient, this city was in the ancient state of Koshal, which is later known as Awadhpuri. This was the legacy of the descendants of Lord Rama which he gave to his brother Lakshmana. According to the Puranas, therefore, this city was known as Lakshmanpur or Lakhanpur, which later changed to Lucknow. But there is a difference of opinion on how Lucknow got its name. The story is described in different literature about Lucknow. According to ancient Hindu literature, Lord Rama's brother Lakshmana got the territory of Avadhpuri, due to which the city was named Lakhanpur, which changed from Lakhanpur to Lucknow.

Lucknow is located in an area which was known as the Awadh region. The Mughals made their capital during the British times and ruled for many years. Lucknow is a cultural city. The Nawabs here have always promoted manners, beautiful language, architecture, poetry, music. Lucknow is called the "City of Nawabs". Lucknow city is called the city of gold. Lucknow is currently the capital of Uttar Pradesh, the year Govind Vallabh Pant became the first Chief Minister of this state. Sucheta Kriplani became the first woman Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and India. From here the administrative work of the state is done. The city of Lucknow is progressing a lot, it is counted among the top fifteen cities of India. People come here to see the parks and buildings from abroad. From the middle of this city The river Gomti has emerged, due to which many tourist places have been made on the banks of the river in the city.

Apart from this, Solo Cabs provides outstation cab like online Cars Rental, Local Cab, Luxury Car Rental booking service. Wherever you travel across India. Lets talk about which places are worth seeing and visiting in Lucknow.

Major Attractions places : -

• Bara Imambara

• Chhota Imambara

• chhattar manjil

• Rumi Darwaja

• Dilkhush Kothi

• Buddha Park

• Marine Drive

• Chandrika Devi Temple

• British Residency

• Jama Masjid

• Moti Mahal

The process of booking the best online outstation cabs in Lucknow for Solo Cabs is very fast because Lucknow being the capital and is directly connected to the capital of the country, Delhi, therefore, the best online outstation cab booking trains of Solo Cabs are available here. And due to Amausi Airport here, foreign tourists come in large numbers in the number of best online outstation cab booking routes of Solo Cabs on the route of Lucknow to Agra, Lucknow to Delhi, Lucknow to Gorakhpur, Lucknow to Bareilly. Solo Cabs offer offer price on all these routes, thereby saving the customer money if a customer makes our rental booking or car hire in Lucknow for sightseeing or joining any meetings, parties. So our platform gives them better and attractive facility and laxury vehicle is provided with special offers. Apart from this, if you want to take this facility from the rural area from the nearby areas of Lucknow then Solo Cabs also offer its service in that situation. But the service of best online outstation cab booking has a slight effect on the fare. Solo Cabs is making its mark with this quality which is established in the leading position in the service of best online outstation cab booking

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