Which Tea Bags Are Fully Biodegradable and Fully Compostable?
Fortunately, there are many companies that have made a commitment to using 100% biodegradable and fully compostable tea bags.

These companies include Bigelow, Clipper Teas, Pukka Herbs, Nemi, and We Are Tea.

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We Are Tea

Several tea companies have opted to use fully biodegradable packaging. These are also known as plastic-free tea bags. They are made from renewable and fully organic materials.

Biodegradable products such as biodegradable bags, cotton and abaca plant fibres break down over time. These products are also suitable for home composting. They are soft and flexible.

Biodegradable products may take a long time to decompose. However, they can be composted at an industrial compost facility. The soil is then surrounded by digestive microbes, allowing the material to break down into carbon dioxide and water.

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Clipper Teas

Earlier this year, Clipper Teas announced a major change to its tea packaging. The UK's longest-established Fairtrade tea brand invested PS1m in a new production line, replacing the inner foil bag with a fully recyclable film. It claims the change will save 20 tonnes of metalised plastic each year.

Originally, Clipper's tea bags were made from abaca, a species of banana. However, they've now switched to PLA, a plant-based plastic alternative.

Clipper Teas is working to develop a fully biodegradable tea bag. They're testing different substrates and hope to introduce a new bag by the summer. They will notify consumers of the change.


Using recycled packaging materials and a zero-waste policy, Nemi Teas is a London-based online tea company that's on a mission to make premium tea products in an eco-friendly way. The company uses some of the latest technologies for its teabags and containers. This includes cornstarch as a binder and biodegradable plastic wrap. It's worth noting that the company's packaging is also Fairtrade certified.

The company has a lot to offer: it provides Chai Syrup, specialist tea blends, and jobs-focused employment for refugees in the UK. As part of their zero-waste philosophy, they're aiming to transition their employees to sustainable roles as soon as possible. In the long run, they're aiming to provide a platform for refugees to gain essential job readiness skills, as well as an opportunity to integrate into the wider society.

Pukka Herbs

Whether you're looking for an herbal tea to calm your senses or a relaxing cup of tea to enjoy during the day, you'll find a variety of Pukka Herbs tea Compost Bag to choose from. These 100% biodegradable and compostable tea bags are made of waxed organic unbleached cotton.

Pukka's mission is to make teas that make you feel good. These organic tea blends combine the expertise of herbal specialists to create outstanding flavors and sensory experiences.

The packaging for Pukka Herbs tea bags is 100% recyclable. The inks are vegetable-based and the paper is FSC certified.


Whether you're looking for a caffeine boost or a refreshing drink, Bigelow Tea is a brand you can trust. Their products are made from all natural ingredients and are fully biodegradable.

In addition to their tea, Bigelow Tea makes a variety of other products that are designed to help protect the environment. They offer a carpool incentive program for employees, recycle and reuse products, and have a paperback swap program. They also collect used linens for the Bridgeport Animal Shelter.

Bigelow's tea is produced on a working tea plantation. Its leaves are sun-dried and hand-picked. They are then rolled into small pieces and placed in tea bags with herbs and spices. The leaves are then bleached with a food-grade hydrogen peroxide solution.

One Earth

Unlike plastic tea bags, One Earth tea bags are fully biodegradable. These tea bags are made from non-GMO biodegradable fibers and are perfect for a delicious cup of tea in record time.

One Earth tea bags are available in various widths and weights. Typically, they are used for tea and coffee, but can also be used for dusty products.

Some tea companies also use abaca plants, which are a species of banana plant. Abaca plants are biodegradable at an industrial level, but they cannot breakdown in less than a year. These plants are often used by higher grade teas.


Buying Eteaket tea bags is a great way to avoid plastic. They are packaged in NatureFlex (TM) bags, which are 100% recyclable and compostable.

These biodegradable disposable bags are made with a non-woven web and are certified by DIN CERTCO. They are said to give the most natural taste. They are made with 100% renewable raw materials. They are also compostable and suitable for home composting.

Another brand that uses biodegradable materials is We Are Tea. They are a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership. They have been committed to making their packaging plastic-free since 2007. They began using soilon in their tea bags in 2012.

Another company that uses biodegradable materials is Teapigs. They refer to their tea bags as tea temples. They use cornstarch instead of plastic for their tag and string. They also use paper for the temple label.