What Are PP Granules Used For?
PP granules are used in many different applications, including the creation of a light weight silo that can be rolled or transported.

 They also provide storage for materials like paper, wood, and plastic, and are used in food packaging and other manufacturing processes.

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PP granules facilitate transport and provide silo storage

PP granules are a big deal in China such as xinjiang zhongtai company, owing to their use in everything from e-readers to smartphones. But the best way to transport them isn't necessarily the easiest. Fortunately, there are a few tricks of the trade.

The first and most obvious is to load your PP granules into a hopper or silo that allows for a quick and efficient dump. Alternatively, you could use pneumatics or gravity. This will require some extra care to ensure a smooth and clean flow.

The more shrewd of you are, you might want to consider a hybrid system that uses both. This is especially true if your granules are light in weight or if you plan to transport them over long distances. You should also consider a valve or feeder that can handle both high-pressure and low-pressure discharges.

Using a pneumatic system is an ideal solution if you have an appropriate sized silo. In addition to a large capacity pump, you'll need a piping system, valves, and other ancillary equipment. You'll need to choose a system that can deliver into silos up to 100 feet (30 m). You should also look for a device that will allow you to operate it at 29.4 psi (2 atmospheres).

PP granules can also be reloaded into a different hopper or silo at a later time, avoiding a trip back to the original location.

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PP granules are bio-based

PP granules are bio-based. They are made from organic materials by microorganisms. They are used for packaging, coatings, and textiles. They are considered sustainable, as long as they are processed efficiently and are reused or recycled. They can be biodegradable in mild conditions. They are also competitive with synthetic counterparts in terms of global warming impacts and energy consumption.

Bio-based PP resin granules can be used to replace conventional paper-based teabags. They are made from a mixture of EcoFlex, PLA, and calcium carbonate. They are industrially compostable with tea waste.

In contrast to conventional plastics, these bio-based granules are biodegradable. They can be reprocessed using heat and chemical treatments, which increase surface roughness and oxygen permeability.

In addition to their biodegradability, biocomposites have better mechanical properties because of fiber adhesion between the fibers and the matrix. This can be tuned by chemical treatments, ultrasound, and plasma treatments.

Moreover, their zhongtai chemical structure is similar to traditional plastics. They are often used in medical applications. They are also used for single-use food packaging.

For example, bags for fruits and vegetables are made of a bioplastic called MATER-Bi. They are already available in Italian grocery stores. Their packaging weight is reduced, which reduces the environmental impact of transport.

Another example of bio-based packaging is the Eco-Friendly pouch. It is made from 100% organic pulp. It is aimed at children and addresses their needs for healthy snacks. It is produced by BioBag International AG. It is composed of layers of starch-based materials and cellulose-based materials.