Top NFT Games to make money and its pros.
If a trader is not yet familiar with this kind of games and has not tried his hand, you can easily get lost among today’s variety.

Therefore, a more detailed analysis of the games listed in the list above is offered below. These NFT games are suitable for both phone and computer.


Calvaria is a promising gaming blockchain project that recently launched a pre-sale of a native token called RIA. Pre-acquisition will allow you to get a good profit in the future, thanks to the mechanics of P2E.

The full name of the Calvaria project is Duels of Eternity. This is a game where you can buy character cards, each of which is unique in its own way. The site is a game world where these cards can be used in duels against other users, and receive rewards for this, and also, if desired, exchange them.

NFT cards of game characters can be combined into groups within the same universe, so those who want to buy several cards at once can do this. All trading operations are carried out on the site’s in-game market, but the project is also integrated with other trading platforms, such as OpenSea.

Calvaria players have access to a variety of battle arenas, giving them the opportunity to diversify the process and get new experiences from the game.


  • the opportunity to profitably buy a native token within the current pre-sale;
  • integration with well-known marketplaces;
  • competitions with other players to earn ;
  • opportunity to earn on NFT trading.


The new metaverse, called RobotEra, will appeal to those who love projects similar to SandBox. The main characters of this game are robots, which will become the players’ avatars — their guides in the new world. Each such robot has its own piece of land, but in addition the player will have the opportunity to participate in the full development of the world.

While exploring their own lands, players will be able to find various useful resources, which can then be used to create special assistant robots. In particular, such assistants are necessary for fights with robots of other users, for the reason that avatars cannot take part in battles.

This is a multiverse with a large NFT community, and there is definitely no room for boredom. Rewards in the form of a native TARO token will help you make good money — the pre-sale is already open, it will last only 3 stages, so those interested should hurry up before the price rises even higher from 0.020 USDT.

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Advantages of the project:

  • unlimited possibilities for creating new terrain;
  • the ability to create NFTs;
  • promising roadmap.


Silks is a sports NFT game that will appeal not only to fans of racing, but also to fans of riding horses. It is also one of the most anticipated projects in the “earn playing” category.

An interesting feature is that players are provided with a lot of detailed information about real thoroughbred horses, from pedigree to competition results. There are quite a lot of NFTs in the economy of the game — it’s not only horses, but also stables, land, and even avatars of riders. Every detail has a value for the existence of this metaverse.

Every time the real analogue of a tokenized horse gives birth or wins a prize in a competition, the player receives a reward. If the user does not have enough time or skills to look after the horses, he can pawn them in a public horse farm to receive a reward for bets. It is also possible to build horse farms on Silks lands, for a reasonable fixed fee, as well as a share of the rewards that the horses bring.

Advantages of Silks:

  • fantasy game related to the real world;
  • a lot of detailed information about horses;
  • one of the most anticipated NFT projects.

Battle Infinity

The developers of Battle Infinity claim that the idea of ​​creating a platform is to make a real revolution in the world of decentralized games. The Play to Earn concept is popular with many. And there are a large number of games based on this basis today. This is what this gaming platform allows you to verify. The Metaverse combined with the blockchain is transparent and promises a high degree of security for user funds. This makes it easy to focus on the game and enjoy the process without worrying about anything else.

Features of Battle Infinity are as follows:

  • Autobet. Receiving dividends on a certain number of locked tokens.
  • Auto liquidity. It helps to stabilize the price of tokens due to the fact that liquidity is added to the pool automatically.
  • Autotax. The commission that each user pays for a transaction. The advantage is that the amount of charges is small.

Also, the presence of the anti-bot option literally does not allow bots to perform any actions regarding the value of tokens.


  • guaranteed transparency;
  • increased level of protection;
  • popularity among users.

Lucky Block

Lucky Block is the largest decentralized blockchain game on the international stage today. While working on the project, the developers wanted to design a platform for the players that has no geographical boundaries and is not tied to certain banknotes.

Instead of purchasing the usual lottery tickets for fiat, the player can invest in the native cryptocurrency of the LBLOCK platform. This asset is needed to pay for transactions.

The platform is based on the blockchain. Therefore, all draws are transparent and fair. Especially when compared to standard lottery systems. All thanks to the fact that blockchain technology helps the cryptocurrency lottery attract players from literally all over the world. Regardless of their profession or geography of residence. In addition, the payout process becomes faster.

This means that Lucky Block has excellent development prospects and is definitely worth paying attention to.

It is noteworthy that the holders of the native cryptocurrency of this online lottery do not even need to play regularly. Thanks to coins, they will still receive passive income, similar to staking.


  • impressive innovations;
  • promising development prospect;
  • potential profit

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is an interesting decentralized ecosystem that can simulate economic cooperation or rivalry between players. Its essence is that special knowledge was transferred to the inhabitants of the Earth. Thanks to them, from now on you can explore other planets and extract minerals. The competition in the gameplay takes place for the Trillium (or TLM). It is required to control opposing autonomous organizations. The so-called DAOs planets. And also get access to the auxiliary features of the game.

On the Alien Worlds platform, the player can buy NFTs to mine TLM, take part in battles, and complete in-game tasks. Depending on the chosen strategy, the user can buy and save or spend NFT objects.

In total, there are several separate planets in the game universe. And each has its own decentralized organization. Planetary sites are NFTs with a personal parameter. For example, this is the amount of cryptocurrency, mining speed, etc. The plots can be used in any way. As for in-game tokens, they are used to purchase game items and complete tasks. But you can also earn from them.


  • the gameplay is simple;
  • each of the studied sites is unique;
  • the plot is multitasking.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity probably has the largest fan base of any other game in this field today. Interestingly, most of the fan base lives in Asian countries.

The essence of the game is to breed NFT animals called Axie. Each of them has its own genetic code and therefore is unique in its own way. But, as in reality, some positive and negative characteristics are passed on to offspring after crossing. The resulting animals can be traded directly on the domestic market. The more unique features an animal has, the more rare it is considered. Which means it costs more.

To start the game, you need to buy at least three Axies. Animals are used not only for breeding, but also for battles between players, completing in-game tasks and completing adventures. Conveniently, this option belongs to the category of NFT games for Android.

The player’s “home base” is a virtual farm where you can breed and upgrade animals. It is advisable for players to take care of improving the combat characteristics of their pets. Then the offspring will turn out to be more impressive and it will be possible to sell it more expensively.

Each animal has its own skills, so diversity is guaranteed.


  • is one of the most popular games in this segment;
  • you can create unique NFTs and trade them right in the game;
  • You can earn money not only on breeding Axie.

In general, the game is quite strong similar to Tamadoge, which we talked about earlier. However, the creators of Tamadoge guarantee that their game will never go from Play to Earn to Pay to Play. Whereas Axie sometimes requires players to pay — to “hire” another character — in order to participate in games.

Battle Racers

Blattle racers nft game

The central issue of the game is to consolidate a wide assortment of weapons and parts to make strong vehicles. Players should cross various parts to get the sought after advantage on the track. At its center, this is an activity arcade game where players can configuration, assemble and race against one another in their smaller than usual vehicles.

The objective of the player is to make the ideal vehicle, utilizing the abilities and accessible data. Because of specific subtleties, focusing on unambiguous characteristics is conceivable. For instance, rather than speed, the primary “ace in the hole” will be mobility or capability. The player himself picks what to zero in on to get the hotly anticipated triumph. Having gathered an innovative machine, it won’t be challenging to sell it later for computerized money.

The game beginnings straightforwardly in the carport, where you can begin fabricating your own hustling vehicle. At first, the player approaches just to the essential components. However, as advancement advances, an ever increasing number of subtleties are opened up for future enhancements.

Each example has a sum of eight classifications of parts:

  • guard;
  • supporter;