Moscow's rocket attacks on Zaporizhia, Kiev accuses.
Ukraine news update.

Moscow's rocket attacks on Zaporizhia, Kiev accuses.


President Volodymyr Zelensky accused Russia of violating Ukraine's sovereignty by referring to planned attacks in Zaporizhia. Joining the video conference at the European conference in Prague, the Czech Republic on Thursday, he also said that Putin's forces launched at least seven missile attacks in Zaporizhzhya that day.


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Zelensky said that after the first attack, when people were busy removing the rubble, they carried out the second attack. We have received news of many casualties including women and children. It has repeatedly launched Iranian drone strikes from the air, but Tehran denies that they are of its own making. What Russia is doing amounts to war crimes.


Kiev blamed Moscow for the rocket attack in Zaporizhia amid renewed tensions between the two countries over increased military buildup in Ukraine and the annexation of four regions of the country to Russia.


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