In-App Chat | Powering the Future
Easily integrate and create your own P2P messaging, Chatbots, and ChatOps with In-App Chat. Boost your customer service, streamline processes, and improve communication within your organization.

In-App Chat | Powering the Future

Step into the future with chat APIs and SDKs built for the 4th industrial revolution! From peer-to-peer, peer-to- machine, and machine-to-machine interactions, you can do more with In-App Chat!

Build texting features your customers will love inside their favorite apps

With Peer-to-Peer Chat, give your users access to an extensive variety of features that they deserve. With our chat APIs and SDKs, you’re on your way to launching your application faster while creating a more secure environment for communication.

In-App Chat works with additional plugins to help you build your perfect application and enable more capabilities than if built from scratch. In-App Chat is white-label capable and ready to help you start building lasting customer relationships.

UCaaS Providers looking to included team messaging within their UC platform

Game Developers that require in-game communication

Social Communities that want to increase community involvement

Healthcare Providers desiring methods of reaching their clients while remaining HIPAA compliant

Customer Service Teams can create a way for their customers to reach them that is becoming the go-to communication

If your goal is to create an application for more secure and capable messaging,
In-App Chat has your back!

Thanks to Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, Chatbots have never been smarter! When you enable Peer-to-Machine Messaging you’re enabling more thorough communications to begin before ever engaging with a human contact. This leads to higher customer satisfaction rates, while reducing costs and increasing productivity throughout your team.

Retail Customer Service Teams Looking To Reduce Response Times

Sales Teams Looking For Higher Converting Leads

Travel Agents Collecting Rudimentary Information

Hotels Improving Their Registration Time

Any user-facing business looking to streamline a recurring customer process and save themselves precious time collecting information and getting their customers to the desired location can benefit from cognitive chatbots.

Our chat API replaces terminals, providing you with a new command line to run your operations on. Reduce the number of manual tasks with ChatOps.

In-App Chat can be used to build and automate all of your machine-to-machine commands by creating a communication language between these devices. Using Natural Language Processing, In-App Chat can be programmed to convert the language spoken by one machine to be processed in an entirely different manner by another, allowing for a single command to spark a completely automated process, with no human intervention.

Your machines are waiting for you to lead them into the future.
Get there faster with In-App Chat.

It can be difficult adding chat capabilities to your application, with all the challenges
that many developers face, such as:

Building your own messaging feature is costly and time consuming

Scaling your own application or features can expose vulnerabilities if not constructed correctly

Securing your own chat environment can be difficult and risky

It takes too long to deploy highly functional communications

In-App Chat supplies you with all the great chat features your consumers want without all the added time of developing your own capabilities.

Build texting features your customers will love inside their favorite apps