Home Renovations Are Enhanced With Quality Plastering
Plastered walls are smooth and give your room a quality and luxurious look and feel.

Home renovations can range from upgrading and decorating one room to renovating a whole house.  Perhaps you have just bought a house that needs lots of love and attention.  Or maybe you have lived in your home for many years and now it's time to modernise and update your home. 

Did you start by thinking your living room needed a new carpet and then realised there was no point in paying for new flooring before you decorated the room? 

Whatever the size of home renovations you have taken on, we recommend finding a great local plasterer. 

Small Home Renovations

Imagine that you have decided to modernise your kitchen. You have found your perfect new kitchen units and even picked out new flooring and tiles. It is an ideal time to get new sockets installed.  The kitchen fitters rip out your old kitchen units and wall tiles and leave marks and holes in the walls. The electrician adds a few more marks where the new sockets are being installed. If you don't pay for a plasterer at this stage to repair and plaster the walls, you are likely to regret it at a later date.  Imagine sitting in your lovely new kitchen with shiny new units and tiles but the light keeps highlighting the old and slightly bashed plasterwork. The whole room will look much more expensive if the walls have been given a fresh coat of smooth plaster.

Whole House Renovations

Depending on your own ability, a full home renovation may require many tradesmen and even a project manager. Please don't try to save money by deciding to do without fresh plaster.  You will see the plasterers work every single day as they will make all your ceilings and walls fresh and smooth. 

Your plasterer can be used to:

  • Plaster all the walls and ceilings ready for decoration
  • Render the exterior walls of the house either by roughcasting or with a modern smooth render
  • Coat Artex or patterned plaster
  • Repair broken cornices
  • Add new decorative plasterwork to enhance the property