Get high quality digital moisture meter at best price in India
Moisture is a critical factor that affects the quality of the product. To test the moisture absorbed by paper or other related products, you can easily make use of Presto Handheld Moisture Meter - PTM 2020.

Digital Moisture Meter

We at Presto have designed high-quality moisture meter that is used for measuring the moisture content of paper, corrugated sheets, cardboard stocks, craft paper, paper tubes & paper bales, quickly and effectively. This digital model of the Presto handheld moisture meter has been made with an easy operational design and comes with the microprocessor-based circuitry that has been equipped in the meter. It comes with electrical resistance-based technology that has been installed for providing accurate moisture measurement. 

Features of Handheld Moisture Meter - PTM 2020


If you are working in the paper and packaging industry, then our handheld moisture meter is a crucial part of your packaging business. This amazing testing instrument will work on the electric resistance and can test the moisture levels in your products. The meter readings that will be displayed on this testing instrument will indicate moisture at room temperatures of 70 F – 90 F and are affected by lower or higher temperatures. Here we have created a list of features of this amazing testing instrument:

  • Digital Model with easy operational design
  • Microprocessor-based circuitry is equipped in the meter.
  • Electrical Resistance based technology has been installed for accurate moisture measurement.
  • Huge LCD screen with dual-display for observing test results.
  • Inbuilt Calibration Facility available with the machine
  • Automatic shut off facility for saving battery life
  • Provides you with highly accurate testing results.
  • Proven microcontroller-based circuitry
  • Averages up to 100 accumulated readings
  • 0-100 reference scale for relative moisture indications in hygroscopic materials
  • Includes (a) a 9-volt battery
  • Includes sturdy carrying case for carrying this amazing testing instrument


Technical specifications


  • Main Unit – Portable carried in a case
  • Power – 110 / 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Moisture range – 9% to 30%
  • Batteries – 12V, 6 Amp., SMF (Chargeable)
  • Battery Range – 3.5 to 20% Moisture
  • Display – LCD Display 31/2 Digit
  • Tare Range – Up to full capacity

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