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In the PET bottle industry, testing each and every aspect of bottles is necessary to ensure the quality of the materials being used. Bottleneck testing is also a part of the quality control process where the bottleneck will be cut accurately for further testing.

Bottle Neck Cutting Machine

To make it easy for the manufacturers to conduct the quality test on the bottles, we at Presto have designed one of the high-quality lab testing instruments known as Preform and bottle neck cutter. This standardized testing equipment will help the manufacturers to smoothly cut the neck of bottles for further quality assessment. This lightweight and handy testing instrument will work on the ratchet mechanism and cut the bottlenecks precisely. They manufacturing high-quality Bottle Neck Cutter cutting instrument used in PET industries to ensure safely delivered products.

The Preform and bottle neck cutter designed by the experts at Presto will make it easy for the PET and preform manufacturers to cut the bottles more precisely and accurately. This is very light weight and portable testing equipment that helps to accommodate a different range of diameters for a different set of bottles with its easy to use working mechanism. Presto is a leading manufacturer of bottle neck cutters and offers this high-quality testing equipment at cost-effective prices. This lab testing equipment will provide powerful and trouble-free cutting of the large wall thickness bottles, even with minimal effort. With its fast and easy working mechanism, this high-quality lab testing equipment is the top choice for bottle manufacturers.

Product Specification

  • Maximum diameter of bottles: 28 mm
  • Maximum diameter of pipes: 40 mm
  • Working Mechanism: Ratchet Mechanism

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