Child Stolen From Railway Station.
Indian Railway Stations.

Found at BJP Leader's House.

NDTV reports that a child was stolen from Mathura railway station on August 23, almost a week ago. At that time the child's parents were sleeping. CCTV footage of the station caught the scene of the theft.
A seven-month-old baby boy who was stolen from a railway station in Uttar Pradesh's Mathura last week has been found at the home of a local BJP leader. Indian media NDTV confirmed this information on Monday (August 29) citing the Mathura Police Department.
After the incident, Mathura police started its investigation. A person named Deep Kumar was arrested by the police for his involvement in the incident. Then the operation started based on the information obtained by interrogating him.
Based on the information received by the Mathura police, the child was rescued from the house of Vinita Agarwal, a local BJP leader in Mathura, 100 km away from the city on Monday (August 29).
In this incident, BJP leader Vinita Agarwal and her husband were arrested by the police. In the initial interrogation, both admitted that they had bought the child for 180,000 rupees from two doctors at a hospital in Hathras district near Mathura a few days ago.
It is known that this couple has a daughter. Still, when asked why they did this, they said, they wanted a son. That is why they do this.
In a statement, Mathura Police Senior Officer Mohammad Mushtaq said, "Detainee Deep Kumar admitted to us that he is associated with a gang and the main activity of this gang is to steal newborns or children under one year of age.
The official also said that the two doctors of Hathras had already covered their heads. We are in regular contact with Hathras police to arrest them. Our operation is on to arrest the entire gang.
There has been no comment from BJP's Uttar Pradesh or central wing on this yet.
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