Air attack in Myanmar to take revenge!
Today Myanmar Strikes.

Air attack in Myanmar to take revenge!

Myanmar's military has launched airstrikes in Maungdoo, which is located near the border with Bangladesh in the northern Rakhine state. A report by Myanmar-based media Irrawaddy on Friday (02 September) claimed that separatist armed Arakan Army (AA) captured a police outpost in Maungdu and killed police officers there. And in response, the Myanmar junta started attacking.

According to the Irrawaddy report, the Arakan Army captured the police outpost in Mangdu last Wednesday (August 31). In addition to killing 19 police officers, firearms, ammunition, and other equipment were seized. In response, the Myanmar junta started airstrikes in the border area.

According to local residents, Irawati said that on Thursday (01 September), the Myanmar military carried out three attacks using warplanes and helicopters. A resident, who did not want to be named, said that two warplanes and a helicopter launched an attack this morning. And in the afternoon, two warplanes and two helicopters fired shots.

After this incident, the Myanmar junta government claimed that the country's army is trying to retake the Maungdu police outpost by using "force" and "artillery".

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Meanwhile, the shells fired from the warplanes of the Myanmar forces also hit the border area of ​​Bangladesh. On Saturday (September 3) morning, 8-10 rounds were fired from Myanmar warplanes and helicopters in the area between Reju Amtali BGB BOP border pillars 40-41 of Ghumdhum Union of Naikxyongchari Upazila of Bandarban.

According to police and local sources, two fighter jets and two helicopters of the Myanmar Army were seen flying in the sky in the Ghumdhum border area since this morning. At this time, helicopters and warplanes fired intermittently. A few rounds fired by the Myanmar army hit the zero point.

Confirming the matter, Bandarban District Superintendent of Police (SP) Tariqul Islam said, in the morning, 2 warplanes and 2 fighting helicopters of the Myanmar Army were seen at the Tumbru border of Naikshyongchari in Bandarban. At that time, the shooting happened. Policemen are on high alert. Intelligence surveillance has also been increased.

The Irrawaddy report said that since August 2, the armed group Arakan Army has intensified its attacks in the border area. They attacked at least 6 army bases in the border area. Since then, there has been renewed tension in the region.

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The report also says that in response to this, the Myanmar military is firing 300 to 400 shells per day with airplanes and helicopters. In fear, many fled from Maungdoo and took refuge in nearby Buthidang.

In view of the continuing attacks and persecution, the Myanmar army has been facing attacks by insurgent groups and ethnic armed groups almost daily in different parts of the country for the past few months.

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