Sumadhura Folium 1, 2, 2.5 & 3 BHK Apartment for sale Whitefeild
Sumadhura Folium Apartment Kadugodi Whitefield ITPL. Get latest Price, Location, Pictures, Gallery, Site Visit, Contact Details, Sales, Phone Number

Sumadhura Folium 1, 2, 2.5 & 3 BHK Apartment for sale Whitefeild

Sumadhura Folium 1, 2, 2.5, 3 & 3.5 BHK Apartment for Sale in Whitefeild. You are invited to an exclusive preview of our luxury nature- themed community, within the heart of Whitefield. With over 83% open areas during this eleven acre community, nature is rarely quite a number of minutes faraway from your family. you're invited to an exclusive preview of luxury nature- themed community, in the heart of Whitefield. With over 83% open spaces in this 11 acre community, nature is never more than a few minutes away from your family.


Sumadhura Folium is not simply another nature-themed community. however one in every of massive the most important within the heart of Whitefield. It's Designed with five parks with the largest being over two hundred metres long and over thirty metres wide. It's 500+ trees among the community with over 83% open areas to produce lots of O2. It's lots of water bodies within the community in conjunction with large open spaces. Over forty options designed around nature to cater to any or all age groups. The presence of nature ensures visits by over thirty five species of birds together with migratory ones.

Q1. Why Sumadhura Folium?

After careful planning, ongoing research and expert advice, you have a lot to do before you can buy a apartment in Bangalore. Hidden fees that you don't typically see in your ads should be considered when preparing to invest. Significant Sumadhura Folium registration fees can be charged depending on the actual value of the property. Parking spaces must be reserved at the Sumadhura Folium apartment complex. And money is needed to create your dream house, carpenter's apartment and other interiors. They limit the region you choose to be in when agreeing to an offer. It must be your place to relax. You don't have to waste your day on fiction and it should match the budget in a prime location.

Q2. Does Sumadhura Folium offer all Amenities?

Yeah, Sumadhura Folium is all amenities project with all amenities for all its resident user to stay and enjoy the property and various features present their..

Q3. What are the configurations available in Sumadhura Folium?

Sumadhura Folium offers 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 2.5 BHK, 3 BHK and 3.5 BHK apartment variations for all home buyers in the heart of the city Whitefeild.

Q4. Why Sumadhura Folium?

Sumadhura Folium is not just another nature-themed community, but one of the largest in the heart of Whitefield. It is designed with five parks, the largest of which is over two hundred meters long and over thirty meters wide. There are over 500 trees in the community with over 83% of the area open to produce plenty of O2. There are many bodies of water within the community combined with large open spaces. Over forty options designed around nature to suit all age groups. The presence of nature ensures the visit of more than thirty-five species of birds as well as migratory ones.

Q5. Why buy Sumadhura Folium ?

As the word says, Sumadhura Folium stands for consistency and timeliness of Sumadhura Infracon Pvt Ltd. These are the two terms for positive activities in the construction industry. Since its inception, they have distinguished themselves with innovative Sumadhura Folium technology, uncompromising standards and simplified pricing. The organization's long-term fundamentals reflect the deep commitment to what many leading companies need. The company has therefore won the hearts and trust of its customers and visitors. It's time to pick up Whitefield's next big launch at a price you've never seen before. Now or never. It never was now.

Q6. What is the RERA Number?

RERA is Applied will receive shortly

Intresting Facts

Sumadhura Infracon Pvt. Ltd. is a brand of prominent residential and commercial developers in Bangalore & Hyderabad. It also ensured sustained customer interest through its ability to offer luxurious and affordable housing projects in Bangalore. Thanks to its expertise in land acquisition, model recruiting, manufacture and post-sales, it was able to have Bangalore & Hyderabad's predecessors in the real estate construction industry.


Very genuinely priced and one of the best homes in Whitefield

I was looking for an Apartments in Whitefield, and found Sumadhura Infracon Pvt builders new project Folium as the best choice.

Your family and young children leisurely head home after a great night. You can relax knowing there are no vehicles inside while your kids run around happily. There are 5 towers in your parish. Upon entering the tower you are greeted by a large hall with marble panelling on the ground floor and granite on the others. Admire the artwork of a painting contest in the double-height lobby. They approach the elevators knowing they will be down in no time as there are two passenger elevators and one service elevator. As you ride the elevators up and land on your floor, you'll see some kids playing in the 6 foot wide hallways that are completely rainproof. He stops to watch them play and walks less than 20 meters from his house. You enter your home, your personal sanctuary that meets Vaastu standards. The spacious 3BHK+ studio offers you many options for working from home. They are up to date with some calls.

Properties from reputed builders have always been in Whitefield. The fact that major multinationals are based in Bangalore East, including Whitefield, Marathalli and ITPL, has contributed to the high demand for move-in ready apartments in Whitefield. Whitefield's rise to prominence has been both thrilling and extraordinary. Here are 5 reasons why 2bhk / 3bhk Available to Take apartments in Whitefield, Bangalore were in such demand. Sumadhura folium, which has a similar residence in a more focal area, like Jayanagar and Indiranagar, costs around Rs. 21,000. This is a significant difference. This will undoubtedly burn a big hole in anyone's wallet. Whenever he refers to Valor, perhaps no other place compares to Whitefield. Almost everyone understands how real estate prices in Bangalore are gradually increasing and long-term investments in areas like Whitefield with a promising return on investment could be very profitable. Families who have made significant investments in Whitefield may be more aware of this. Builders invariably range real property purchasers with a high CIBIL score though banks could build appealing proposals to such house buyers, the thought of getting their property and a redesigned, better, and happier life-style has so charmed Bangalore' finest fashionable households. Residences that are ready to inhabit are most well-liked since they supply for a larger grasp of the home' precise components and also the facilities that involves accompany it despite saving money on lease still as alternative fees. Selecting pleasure over the protocol as well as convenience over Sumadhura geological formation has whenever been a part of possessing 2bhk as well as 3bhk luxury flats. Absolute truth appeals to everybody. Do we, however, have it? It' not possible to inform what quantity assurance is absolute confidence. Here' a shot to allow the house purchaser a touch (or a lot) additional assurance. Yes, we've got your behinds. we tend to reside during a amount of profound cultural change. And with such a mental change, we as a community may simply succumb to fashionable opinion. all told matters worthy, unresolved queries are among the foremost venturesome replies. One could write each day relating to what precisely a haul of whether or not or rather to raise may entail. Let' simply dismiss them.

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