Insurance for Specialty Programs and Independent Schools
Use of Force in Discipline
Methods Relating to the Workplace Liability

A...a flawless evaluation. Since 1930, A.M. Best has consistently given Selective an "A" (Good) or higher rating. We've also researched the specific insurance requirements of private schools. We provide extensive liability and property protection, including school nurses and sports trainers. We also provide legal liability protection for school boards. Whether it comes to safety training, evaluating automatic sprinkler systems, and thermographic testing of buildings and equipment, our Safety Management Experts consistently get perfect scores. Don't find out the hard way that you weren't properly insured.

Risks like these, as well as those posed by student accidents, injuries, and transportation issues, occur daily in schools. The school may lessen its risk and protect itself from threats by investing in Insurance. Property, general liability, vehicle, worker's comp, professional liability, employment practices liability, cyber liability, abuse and molestation, employee benefits, student accident insurance, and more may all be included in a comprehensive school insurance plan.

Today's educational, daycare, camp, and religious institutions are formidable in providing our youngsters with a safe and non-threatening atmosphere.

The standards of behavior for the care of children have progressed to the point where very little can be understood, understood, and questioned, and this is apart from the necessity to safeguard one's assets.

The safety of your school's kids, staff, and property is a top priority, and CCIG shares this value.

Regarding the most pressing threats confronting private school administrators, our Educational Institutions Practice is here to assist. Several insurance program architectures are available, each with loss prevention and claims-filing options.

  • CCIG can help you feel safe in any setting, from playgrounds to bleachers to laboratories.
  • Coverage Contains
  • Commercial Insurance for property
  • Liability Laws and School Administrators
  • Use of Force in Discipline
  • Methods Relating to the Workplace Liability
  • Abuse and Molestation of a Sexual Kind, with Protection for the Innocent Party
  • Practices Associated with Employment Cost-Free College Education
  • Insurance for Athletes
  • Coverage for Employed Psychologists, Athletic Trainers, and Nurses

Covering for Special Events, such as Fundraisers, and Student Accident/Medical Coverage for School Transportation, Including 15-Passenger Vans

Pollution Damages and Responsibilities Insurance Protection in Academic Settings, Including Science Laboratories and Lessons, and Under Other Conditions

Guaranteed Confidentiality & Safety


Travelers' Accident and Liability Insurance Abroad