Why You Should Give Yourself Time to Adjust to Charcoal Deodorant
Any time you switch to a new skincare product, your skin needs to adjust. This includes with deodorants. The adjustment period can vary from person to person. You may notice results in a few days or a little longer. If you’re moving to charcoal deodorant for the first time, for instance, there are things you can do to make the most of the new experience. Here they are.

Any time you switch to a new skincare product, your skin may need time to adjust. The adjustment period can vary from person to person. You may start to notice results in a few days, or it may take a little longer. However, it is important to give your skin time to adjust. You don’t want to rush things!

This applies to deodorant, too. Many people have switched from conventional deodorant to charcoal deodorant and other non toxic deodorants made with natural ingredients. But don’t worry if you don’t see immediate results! Switching to deodorant with charcoal and other natural ingredients has many benefits. And here’s why you want to give yourself a little time to see those benefits.

Swapping to Charcoal Deodorant Takes Getting Used to

Applying charcoal deodorant for the first time after relying on a conventional deodorant can be delightful. At the same time, it can take some getting used to. Your brand-new charcoal deodorant may have a different texture and smell. Naturally, it’s going to have a different set of ingredients. Your old conventional product may have included ingredients like aluminum, parabens, triclosan, and propylene glycol, as well as fragrance.

Your new deodorant may lack all those things. Instead, it might be made with simple, wholesome ingredients like arrowroot powder, coconut oil, activated coconut charcoal, and key botanical oils for both the benefit of your skin and your nose. You’ll probably get used to the change in the sensory experience reasonably quickly—but it’s a change, nevertheless.

Even Your Body Needs Time to Get Used to the New Deodorant

Using a new deodorant made with natural ingredients isn’t just a change for your senses, like touch and smell. It’s also a change for your skin and body. If you’ve been using an old-school deodorant made with aluminum and other traditional ingredients, it can be a good idea to give your skin some “breathing room.”

This might mean a detox when you don’t use any deodorant for a week. This allows your skin to refresh itself on its terms. Then you can start using your new charcoal deodorant without any crossover. It also allows you to see how your new product works with your skin without your old product’s influence.

Try Your New Deodorant in Different Situations

What better way to “break in” a new deodorant than by trying it out in different situations? For instance, if this is your first time using charcoal deodorant, doing this gives you a solid idea of how it performs. It’s also an ideal time to see how well it works with your skin.

Apply it in the morning as you’re getting ready for the day. Working out or going to the gym? Apply your new deodorant before working out. Going out this evening? Why not give your new deodorant a whirl? There are all kinds of opportunities to give it a try to see how it works for you.

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