FAQs | Madelines Beauty Bar
True beauty lies on the inside. There's no denying that.

However, if you're feeling like you want your gorgeous face to radiate that outer beauty to match your inner beauty... stop by Madeline's Beauty Bar. I hyper calculate your eyebrow length and width down to the micro-millimeter to give you the ultimate, perfect brows. Wake up looking the most beautiful you've ever looked. Permanently. Every. Single. Day.

What is the difference between Microblading, Ombré and Combo Brows?

Microblading Microblading: is a permanent makeup tattooing technique, using a handheld device made up of tiny nano needles that creates the tiniest strokes. These fine "hair-strokes" are formed into a pattern that will blend seamlessly into your skin to create a natural looking brow. Microblading is most suitable for dry to normal skin types.


Ombré Powder Brow: This technique is done with a machine. Pigment is inserted into the skin, gradually building up the color to the desired saturation. With this technique you can go for a soft, natural look or a fuller, bold look. Ombré is great for all skin types, especially those with oily or mature skin.


Combo Brow: This technique includes microblading towards the front of the brow, plus soft powder shading throughout the body and tails of the brow. This technique is great for those with minimal to no natural brows or those looking for a fuller, more filled in brow look. Combo brows is great for all skin types. My goal with any brow service is to enhance your natural beauty. My goal is to create a natural looking brow that shapes and frames your face according to your bone structure and natural features. Your brows, just better!