What is Cricut com setup?

How can I make my Cricut Machine discoverable?

Cricut.com/setup can be a trusted site which a purchaser for Cricut.com/setup who purchases the Cricut device can obtain the setup to later install it onto their computer to use all the features that come with this Cricut machine. Alongside that support, you can also get help when you are completing the complete setting up process for the Cricut machine. We’ve provided the step-by-step procedure to set up your Cricut machine in a short time. Follow the steps and you can set to run your Cricut within some minutes.

Go to the devices option. Make sure that the Bluetooth is turned on. Click Add Bluetooth. Select Bluetooth and wait for your computer to detect the Cricut.com/setup cutting machine. When you see the machine in the list, you can select it from there. That’s how you can do it quickly. First of all, you need to unload the mat. Examine the cut area and clear the machine of debris and dust. Press the flashing Go button. The machine will take a few minutes to re-detect Knife Blade. The cut job resume in a while. The instructions will help you quickly reset the cut job.