Hemp oil, more accurately called hemp seed oil, is the cannabis product most often used in topical over-the-counter skin care products, cosmetics, and cosmeceuticals. What is unique about hemp seed oil and why are so many people using it in their skincare routines?

Essential oils have been around for a very long time now. You must have heard of all the kinds of essential oils, but did you ever hear of Hemp Seed Oil for your skincare? Probably not. 

Mainly when you hear the word hemp, your mind definitely drives somewhere else. Well, let me tell you, hemp is one of the most essential oils for your skincare. Hemp seed oil is generally known as hemp oil. And Hemp oil is the next hot and trendy oil in the skincare world. 

You don’t believe us, right? 

Allow us to make you believe why hemp oil is trending, what hemp oil is, why do you need to add this to your skincare regime.

Firstly, what is hemp oil?

Hemp Seed Oil comes from the seed, leaves, and flowers of the Cannabis sativa plant. It is usually unrefined, green in color, and nutty flavor oil. As it is cold-pressed and unrefined, it makes it an organic and purest quality chemical-free oil.

There are some molecules and properties present in hemp oil that benefit in healing and repairing your skin, whether you consume it directly or by applying it to the skin. 

Hemp oil is infused with amino acids, fatty acids, and other acids which act as essential nutrients for your skin. It is also rich in Omega 3&6, which heals your damaged skin and keeps your skin healthy.

How to include hemp oil in your skincare routine?

“It can be marketed on its own or as an ingredient in moisturizing topicals,” says MacGregor.” It is extremely simple and normal to include hemp seed oil in your routine. Do not worry; you won’t get high. But you will definitely get high on your skin after its results. 

Here are our favorite skincare reasons to use hemp seed oil.


Hemp oil contains many fatty acids and anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce dryness, itchiness, and redness from your skin. It is rich in Omega acids which soothe inflammatory skin.

Acne and Scars

You may apply it to your acne and scars. It boasts a “comedogenic to 0 and even modulates skin oil production”, says the skin expert Zeichner. It is best suited for people having excess breakouts and overly oily skin. So, next time you experience breakouts, you can apply hemp oil to your skin instead of using those harsh chemical products.

Thanks to the fatty acids and amino acids present in hemp oil, it totally protects your skin from blemishes and breakouts.

Face Masks

We all love face masks in our skin routine, don’t we? Take your facemask to a higher level with hemp oil.  You can easily create your own hemp oil face mask. Follow the steps to make your face mask

  • Take a ripe avocado 
  • Put 2-3 tablespoons of organic hemp oil 
  • Add 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil
  • 2-3 spoons of clay 
  • And few drops of your favorite essential oils

Blend all the ingredients in a smooth consistency. Apply it on your face for 10-15 minutes. Rinse it and pat it dry with a soft towel.


As the experts say, hemp oil is one of the best moisturizers you can incorporate into your daily life. Hemp oil draws a good amount of moisture to your skin and keeps it hydrated. After washing your face, take a few drops of hemp oil in your hands and massage gently on your face. You will see the results in no time. 


Organic hemp seed oil is a flavorful oil containing essential omega fatty acids and proteins. It has a pleasant nutty smell, deep green color, and absorbs well into the skin. It makes a superior quality culinary oil and marvelous base ingredient for skin care recipes that require rejuvenating and skin-smoothing ingredients.