Five Natural Solutions for Damaged Hair and Split Ends
Everyone aspires to have hair that is shiny, silky, and gorgeous. Unfortunately, maintaining good hair is difficult due to the rising pollution.

Isn't it unpleasant to have frizzy, dry hair? Additionally, this dull hair may contribute to a variety of issues, including hair loss. However, there are other factors than pollution that might contribute to dry hair, such as genetics or routine chemical use.

Home Treatments for Damaged Hair

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

One of the most well-liked natural treatments for frizzy hair is this. The vinegar is created utilizing apple and cider, as the name would imply. Potassium and acetic acid are abundant in it. Your damaged hair gets a fresh lease on life because of the acid in apple cider vinegar, which also eliminates frizz. This effective antibacterial can eliminate a wide variety of microorganisms that can be damaging the health of your scalp.


Use equal amounts water and apple cider vinegar while using. Before applying the mixture to all of your hair, shampoo your hair. Before rinsing it out with cold water, let it sit on your hair for 15 minutes.

2. Bananas

One of the most effective treatments for split ends is a banana hair pack. Vitamins A, C, and E, carbohydrates, potassium, iron, and zinc are all abundant in it. It enhances hair quality and heals the cuticle. Additionally to preventing split ends, bananas improve the natural suppleness of hair. They enhance the growth of the hair and give it a shine. One banana, three tablespoons of yogurt, a few drops of rosewater, and one teaspoon of lemon juice should all be combined. Put some on your hair and let it sit for an hour. Use cold water to wipe it off now.

3. Egg mask 

The best component for beauty is an egg. Vitamin D, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Calcium, Collagen, Phosphorus, Folate, and Selenium are all abundant in them. They deliver protein of the finest caliber, safeguard our bones, and promote good hair. The major component of hair is protein. Egg protein helps to fortify hair follicles. They make the hair silky, less tangled, and strengthen the strands to prevent breaking. Combine one egg yolk with 1 tsp. of almond oil. Apply to your hair completely. Before rinsing it off with water, let it sit on your hair for 30 minutes.


4. Yogurt

You should moisturize dry hair. Moreover, a variety of elements, such as the climate and abrasive styling agents, influence the moisture content of hair. Try plain yoghurt to heal any harm brought on by dryness. Lactic acid, an effective humectant, can be found in yoghurt. In turn, the rate at which the hair is losing moisture is slowed. The hair follicle is smoothed by this treatment, which also keeps the moisture in the hair, making it the perfect option for frizzy and textured hair. The remedy is straightforward. Before shampooing the hair, apply plain yoghurt all over the lengths of the hair and keep it on for at least 20 minutes.

5. Tea

Tea is excellent for hair rinses in addition to being a beverage. It gives the hair a natural sheen and, in the case of coloured hair, intensifies the color. Use unsweetened, freshly brewed tea as a last rinse after your regular shampoo procedure. You can use this treatment as often as you like.


The above home treatments are excellent short-term solutions for managing damaged  hair. We advise you to take Tribal black oil for a more long-lasting fix.


Tribal Black Oil is an all-encompassing ayurvedic hair treatment that restores your dry, damaged hair and makes it healthier, thicker, and longer. Ayurvedic hair oil and vati are part of this full therapy. With this mixture, you get the hair you want while treating all of your hair issues at their source.

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